MPPT Solar charger Controller 40-100A

Mainly used for solar power station, home solar power system, solar street light control system,mobile solar system.


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    • Commodity name: MPPT Solar charger Controller 40-100A
    • Commodity ID: 1037782542100291584

    Mainly used for solar power station, home solar power system, solar street light control system,mobile solar system.


    Adopt advanced MCU microprocessor control technology.

    12V/24V/48V self detect to choose output voltage.

    Advanced MPPT Technology, High converting efficiency higher than 97% for minimizing energy loss.

    Capable to parallel in output, to expand capacity easily.

    Reversed current protection at night, over voltage and reverse polarity protection.

    Capable of selecting different charging mode for various types of batteries

    Capable of connecting additional DC load for wider applications

    Three stage charge control system (bulk, absorption, and float mode) with optional temperature compensation

    LED indicators display charge status in real time, Optional LCD digital display.

    Pulse Width Modulation (PWM) technology combined with a multi-stage charge control algorithm leads to superior

    Charging and enhanced battery performance.



  • Specifications:

    MPPT solar charger controller SL-40A/60A
    Rated Voltage 12/24/48Vdc auto-detection
    Rated charge current (include load current) 40Amp/60Amp
    Load current 15Amp
    Input voltage range 15-55Vdc
    Max. PV open circuit array voltage 55Vdc
    Overload protection (DC load) 2.0 * Inom>5s
    1.5 * Inom >20s
    1.25 * Inom temperature controlled
    Typical idle consumption At idle < 10mA
    Bulk charge 14.6Vdc (default) 29.2Vdc (default)
    Floating charge 13.4Vdc (default) 26.8Vdc (default)
    Equalization charge 14.0Vdc (default) 28.0Vdc (default)
    Over charge disconnection 14.8Vdc 29.6Vdc
    Over charge recovery 14Vdc 21.6Vdc (default)
    Over discharge disconnection 12.3Vdc 24.6Vdc
    Over discharge reconnection -13.2mV/℃ -26.4mV/℃
    Temperature compensation -13.2mV/℃ -26.4mV/℃
    Lead acid battery settings Adjustable
    NiCad battery settings Adjustable
    Load control mode 1. Low Voltage Reconnect (LVR): Automatic
    2. Low Voltage Disconnect (LVD): Automatic 
    3. Reconnection: warning flash before disconnect and reconnection
    Low voltage reconnect 12.0-14.0Vdc 24.0-28.0Vdc
    Low voltage disconnect 10.5-12.5Vdc 21.0-25.0Vdc
    Ambient temperature 0-40℃ (full load)  40-60℃ (de-rating)
    Altitude Operating 5000 m, Non-Operating 16000 m
    Protection class IP21
    Cooling natural cooling
    Terminal size (fine/single wire) #8 AWG
    Dimension(L*W*H) 192*140*66mm



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