95M Series Modular Online UPS 40-500kVA (380V/400V/415V)

The 95M series modular, online UPS ranging from 40KVA to 500kVA is designed to protect any critical load for medium and largedata center achieving maximum availability. The 95M series feature the latest technology of 3-evel technology and PFC inputcontrol, which guarantees high efficiency of 96% and ultra-reliability. ts compact design ensures power density of 500KVA in onecabinet, 3 units can be paralleled for capacity or redundancy up to 1500kVA, making it an excellent choice for medium and large facilities.

93M Series Modular Online UPS 25-600kVA (380V/400V/415V)

The 93M series modular UPS provides the mostcompact footprint of less than 2m' with maximumcapacity of 900kVA.With best reliability and highperformance, it has been leading the domesticmarket for years.

92M Series Modular Online UPS 20-200KVA (380V/400V/415V)

92M series is modular online UPS for sensitive equipments. The single cabinet power rating covers from 20kVA to 200KVA.With the latest IGBT three-level and full DSP control technology, the 92M series delivers the best of combination of reliabilty,hot swappable and flexibility.

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